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Unlock the Power of Efficiency: 

GeniusBOS MV Transformers are engineered to optimize medium voltage power distribution systems, delivering efficiency and performance. With advanced technology and innovative design, our transformers are set to revolutionize the way you manage power distribution. 

Transforming Medium Voltage Power Distribution 

At GeniusBOS, we are dedicated to providing advanced and tailored Balance of Systems (BOS) and Medium Voltage (MV) transformer solutions that meet the evolving needs of the energy industry. Our commitment to innovation drives us to collaborate closely with our customers to deliver high-quality products that exceed expectations. 

Padmount MV Transformers™ 

Our Padmount MV Transformers are designed to adhere to the latest industry standards while offering a suite of customizable options to suit the specific requirements of your project. Whether for renewable energy, distribution, or storage purposes, our transformers, ranging up to 10,000 kVA and voltages up to 35kV, are engineered with precision and reliability in mind. 


Leading Design

Our transformers are designed to maximize energy transfer efficiency, reduce losses and improve overall system performance. 

Enhanced Reliability

Built with high-quality materials and rigorous testing, GeniusBOS MV Transformers ensure reliable operation even in demanding environments. 

Compact Footprint

 Designed for space efficiency, our transformers offer a compact footprint without compromising on performance, making them ideal for installations with limited space. 

Smart Monitoring

Integrated smart monitoring capabilities provide real-time data on transformer performance, allowing for proactive maintenance and optimizing system reliability. 

Increased Efficiency GeniusBOS MV Transformers help reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs by minimizing losses and maximizing energy transfer. 

Standard Specifications:
  • Outdoor installation suitable for flat level foundation 

  • Available in aluminum with optional Copper Windings 

  • High-grade CRGO steel for Transformer Core 

  • Pad lockable door handle for added security 

  • No Load Tap Changer for enhanced efficiency 

  • Load Break Switch for flexibility in operation 

  • Reinforced Carbon Steel Tank for durability 

  • Lifting Lugs for easy handling 

  • Suitable for Loop Feed or Radial Feed configurations 

  • Dead Front mounted LV & HV Bushings for safety 

  • Pressure vacuum gauge, Pressure release valve, Liquid temperature gauge, and Liquid level gauge for monitoring 

  • Drain, Filter, and Sampling Valve for maintenance 

  • Schrader Valve for ease of access 

  • Ground pads/lugs for grounding purposes 

  • 55°C or 65°C temperature rise for optimal performance 

Optional Upgrades and Features:
  • Environmentally friendly, high-fire point FR3 oil (KNAN) 

  • Key interlock provisions for added safety 

  • Stainless steel tank for corrosion resistance 

  • Gauges with contacts for precise measurements 

  • Externally accessible drain & sample valve for convenience 

  • Vendor-specific external gauge package for customization 

  • Lid-mounted pressure relief device for emergency situations 

  • Sudden pressure relay for enhanced protection 

  • Lightning arresters to mitigate lightning strikes 

  • Viewing windows in cabinet for visual inspection 

  • Step-up solar & wind duty design for versatility 

  • Electrostatic shielding for additional safety measures 

  • K-rated design for compatibility 

  • ANSI-70 color or custom paint color for aesthetic appeal 

  • Designed per IEEE/CSA standards to ensure reliability 

  • UL Certified Control Gear & NEMA Rated Control Box for quality assurance 

  • Corrugated or Panel type Radiator for efficient heat dissipation 

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